April 2, 2013

Here goes nothing

For some time now, I've been in falling love with Collette Patterns. However, somehow I haven't been able to start up one of their designs. I've already purchased the Collette Sewing Handbook (on preorder, even) but still have yet to dive in. In the meantime I enjoy following the blog and picking up all kinds of helpful tips and inspiration to put in my pocket.

That is until today... The Colletterie blog has announced a contest for their newest pattern, Laurel! The perfect excuse to get my feet wet, this is an easy shift dress with lots of versatility so the categories include multiple styling possibilities. Never been a fan of competition, it's the very first time I've considered entering a skill based contest. I'm kind of surprised by my strong desire to go for it! If Laurel was not an easy rated pattern I'd probably feel differently. I think this opportunity appeals to me by it's focus on executing your creativity. Perhaps best of all, I'm excited to already have five Spring/Summer ready fabrics at home, each would be perfect as this sweet dress.

Thoughts are now spinning around styling... Do I add an attached fabric belt? Cap sleeves? Some embroidery or applique? Perhaps a coordinating bias tape? Most important of all, which of my fabrics to use?

Suggestions welcome, and please wish me luck!