February 27, 2013

Sewing for baby girl

Well it's finally my turn to have a baby niece!!! This is an extra exciting time for my family who have been blessed with all baby boys until now.

Once I learned the news, there began a million ideas of baby craft projects floating around my head for this little princess. The only problem was finding the time with my own little prince crawling around!

Number one priority though... The grandpa blankie. This is from the same pattern as my own son's version, it uses a flannel shirt from my late father (baby girl's grandpa). The best part of making a project the second time is having the experience to help you make it even better than the first. This time I knew to pin the flannel strips all at the same time before quilting them down. It made the quilt top look much more symmetrical when completed. It also occurred to me this time to add one of the shirt pockets to the blankie! I'm calling it a "binky pocket" and love the way it turned out so much that I'll probably add one to my boy's too.

Since every little girl needs a little pink, this grandpa blankie includes some pops of pink plaid flannel as well. The best part is, I had enough to make an adorable coordinating capelet! Just like a  "Little Pink Riding Hood", this should be perfect for the dreary Seattle days she'll endure. Before I give it away though, I was somehow able to talk my boy into modeling it for me. (Thanks sweetie!) This proves the pattern is a little bit big, but that's ok. It rains in Seattle year round and she can grow into it longer this way.

Other projects include:

-hooded towel. This is simply a regular bath towel plus a hand towel for the hood, edged with home made bias tape. It's my first time making my own bias tape and I'm really proud of the results! The idea for the home made hoodie towel came from my realization that all those adorable infant towels are way too small once baby reaches 5 months. My guy started using a real towel at that point, so this will have to be something I make for him too.

-appliqued t-shirt. I picked a cute vintage print with pink cowgirl boots and appliqued onto an existing t-shirt. My mom even made some pink boots (crocheted)! Can't wait to see it all together. :)

All in all, I'm really happy with the four things I was able to turn out before the baby shower this weekend. Hopefully the parents-to-be will be pleased with them too!


Project resources:
Flannel shirt blanket -  thismamamakesstuff.com
Capelet - Simpicity 4434 (without the pom-poms and fringe, added lining)
Hooded towel - my own creation based off an existing hooded towel
Appliqued t-shirt - my own creation