March 3, 2012

flannel love

Thank goodness for the internet and specifically, Pinterest. I don't know if I'd be able to create many of my latest craft projects without these resources. Being a picky person, it's often difficult to find that perfect fabric I envisioned at the local craft store or even the globo fabric mart; enter, and Ebay. Add to that, maybe there's simply no commercial pattern that exists for that project I conceptualized. And I don't quite have the skills to successfully plan my own pattern without the jumping board of seeing a how-to, or simply that it worked for someone else. Thus began my obsession with Pinterest; such a fabulous, searchable resource with lovely visuals linked back to craft blogs and how-to directions.

One of my many nursery projects that began this way was conjured last summer while preparing for our garage sale. I came across a few plaid flannel shirts that had been sitting at the bottom of a drawer, completely under-appreciated. After losing our dad, me and my siblings each kept a few of his many flannels. Being a machinist and avid outdoors-man, these were his uniform and he had a closet filled to the brim with all different colors. I have a couple of them, and got my brother to donate two more to my cause once I found this how-to blog post. Couldn't think of a better way to make use of some of my dad's things than to recycle them for our new arrival! The printable instructions were super helpful and I'm really happy with how mine turned out! I even used one of the shirt fronts to make a throw pillow, and if I have some extra time before baby arrives, I might try the blogger's other pattern to make a flannel hat using some of the other scraps.

This blanket is one of many sewing projects for our baby's nursery that I've been able to accomplish with free, online tutorials! More on those soon.

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Jenn said...

Oh my these are so sweet! Your dad would have loved them!