December 8, 2011

why give naked wine?

...when you can put it in an adorable handmade gift bag!

In another effort to make use of fabric scraps leftover from previous projects, I came up with this little wine gift bag after seeing some for sale at $7 each! When headed to a neighbor's for dinner one night, I brought our wine contribution in one of these. It was a hit!

All you need:
  • Fabric scraps 
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • Thread
To make:
1) Cut your fabric into two pieces. One square, about 13" on each side and a small circle, 4" diameter.
 I found it helpful to first cut out a circle "pattern" using some sturdy interfacing. You could also use cardstock.
 2) Next, make snips all the way around the circle, 1/4" deep and about 1/2" apart
 3) Snip in the same way, all along one edge of the square piece
 4) Right sides together, place the circle directly over the snipped edge of the square
5) Insert a pin where the edges meet. Begin rolling the circle down the length of the snipped square edge, one finger tip length at a time.

6) Once you get a few pins set, start sewing! Begin with a back-stitch, use a 1/2 inch seam and work slowly, sewing along the curve of the circle
7) As you reach the end of your pinning, stop sewing but leave the fabric secured under the presser foot. Continue pinning the remaining fabric in the same fashion as before, just match up the snipped edge of the square to the circle a few pins at a time. Continue sewing and pinning until you've sewn all the way around and end with a backstitch. Remove from your machine and snip the loose strings.
8) Grab a wine bottle and your ribbon. Turn the bag right side out and stand the bottle up inside it. About 1-2 inches from the edge of the fabric, mark with a pencil at what height the ribbon should be placed on the neck of the bottle. Pin the center of the ribbon at your mark, then stitch it on using a back-stitch
9) Turn the bag inside out again, tucking the ribbon all the way inside. Match up the fabric and pinch together at the base of the bag at the opening. This is the point where your seam should match to the round bottom. Insert a pin there
10) Line up the remainder of the fabric and pin along the edge
11) Starting at the bottom, sew all the way up the length of the bag (about 1/2" seam. Or whatever seam allowance works with your round base.) Snip loose strings. Use pinking shears to finish the seam edges, both along the straight side and the bottom round, leaving at least 1/4" seam allowance
12) Iron the side seam open, or to one side. Then to finish the top of the bag, I sewed 1/2" from the opening, all the way around, then finished the top with pinking shears (just like the interior seam). You could also hem the top to your liking.
13) Turn inside out, add bottle and tie a pretty bow!

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