November 13, 2011

handy dandy gift guide

Around the holidays, when various magazines put out a gift guide with their winter issue I get so excited. They're especially great for those years when I haven't gotten out for much shopping and don't feel tuned in with what's new, or when I'm just feeling stumped on what to do for a particular person on my list.

It looks like one of the blogs I'm diggin' (Creature Comforts) has created a holiday gift guide available for free online, and it's the bees knees. I'm seriously considering printing this puppy out so I can have it on the coffee table to peruse without the laptop glare. Check it out for ideas that will please everyone on your list, and don't cut out early... lots of items in the guide have a coupon code available AND there are free printable gift tags in an array of designs, both waiting in the back of the guide!

I do have a soft spot for adorable uses of paper, and free printables are the coolest.

Happy shopping!

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