September 12, 2011

bye bye shoes

Well, we've decided to give a green light to the garage sale this weekend. Should be interesting to see how it goes! Due to some recent life and career changes, I'm purging a ton of my closet. This is a big deal because I tend to hang onto shoes for an especially long time. Right now, I've pared down to 1/3 of what I had and am not looking back. It feels really good actually. Sadly though, I don't believe that clothing normally brings in much money this way, but my experience with resale shops is that they're only worthwhile if you deal in trade (rather than take cash.) Since I don't need more clothes, garage sale it shall be. Although, anything I'm trying to unload that's extra nice I've decided to list on Ebay.

With that plan in mind, along with a couple ideas for accessories I'd like to peddle on Etsy in the future; I was compelled to check Craigslist for a mannequin/dress form. I'm thrilled to have found the perfect one! Thank goodness it was super affordable. I just hope it helps sell my listings on Ebay for now. Time will tell.

Until next time, cheers and have a great week!

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