August 31, 2011

this n' that

Today and the rest of this week is being spent cleaning out closets and getting ready for some home improvements and (possibly) a garage sale. I haven't yet committed to the sale, as I know how annoying they can be to put on. Guess we'll see how much stuff I want to get rid of and then decide whether it's worth all the trouble.

As I was getting hungry for lunch, I couldn't see anything in the kitchen at first. I have some of my favorite hummus from Holy Land, but eating that with only veggies seemed too boring. I don't have any pita or chips... but I do have a ton of leftover corn tortillas! It's not too hot today, so I decided to fry some chips up in vegetable oil on the stove. Nothing like fresh tortilla chips, delicious!

I had this with my new favorite drink that I think of as "mock soda". I'm trying to stay off sugary drinks and eat better, dang-it! While it hasn't been easy to give up my favorite fizzy beverages, I learned this one from a friend and it's been a good substitute. Also kind of feels like I'm treating myself to a cocktail. :)

Mock Soda:
Fizzy Mineral Water (Mendota Springs/San Pellegrino)
Pomegranite Juice (Just a splash to taste. I use the regular POM Wonderful, but the flavored versions would be good too)
Squeeze of Lime juice

And now, back to cleaning out my closet. The hardest part is the honesty! What doesn't fit quite right, or hasn't been worn in a year, or I just don't particularly love is getting the boot. Onward.


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