April 2, 2011

scrappy do

Sewing is a new crafting venture for me. Even though I purchased my first sewing machine well over a year ago (yes, it may have stayed in it's box most of that time!) I suppose the machine itself, sewing patterns and the many supplies needed to begin a project were daunting.

What got me over the hurdle was my discovery of a local sewing studio which offered a beginners class. They taught me all about my machine and we made a small project. I enjoyed the beginner class so much that I signed up for another to help me get going on a couple of patterns I'd picked out.

Having completed even just a few sewing projects, I've developed an interest in finding ways to make use of the scrap fabric that remains. For one thing, fabric isn't cheap! So throwing away what appear to be usable scraps is out of the question. Here's a super simple way I've found to transform scraps into a hair accessory. Thinking they'll make great handmade gifts for the nieces!

How To Make a Headband

-Cotton fabric scrap, cut to 16" long x 3.5" or 4" wide
-0.5" wide elastic, cut to 4" length

1) Fold the fabric lengthwise, right sides together
Sew the length of the strip to create a tube, with a 1/4" seam, double stitched at both ends 2) Turn the tube right side out 3) Flatten the tube while centering the seam along one side
Iron the tube flat (Photo shows the underside with seam on the left, topside on the right) 4) Lay the fabric right-side up (seam side down)
Align the elastic strip with edge of the fabric at the center of the strip 5) Fold the bottom edge of the fabric up over the elastic and hold with a finger
Then, fold the top edge down to cover the elastic and bottom fold
Hold with a finger and bring over to your sewing machine 6) Place the folded end under the presser foot with the folds facing up
Use a 1/4" seam allowance
(Note: The blue gingham strip shown under the back of the presser foot is a home-made "shim" of sorts. Not sure if all machines are as finicky as mine, but this shim helps the feed-dogs work properly when I'm sewing something thick like this) 7) Sew across the fabric covered elastic three times (full forward stitch across, full back stitch across, full forward stitch across) 8) Snip the loose threads and turn the fabric out, fully releasing the elastic 9) Place the turned out edge under the presser foot with the folded edges facing up
Sew an edge stitch across the fabric twice (full forward stitch across, full back stitch across) 10) Snip the loose strings 11) Lay the headband right side up (seam side down) and align the elastic edge with the fabric edge at the center 12) Repeat steps 5-10

13) Enjoy your new headband! Feels great to see these cute fabric scraps put to use.


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